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Feb 7, 2009

Movie Review

Ok folks He's Just Not That Into You was freaking great! Now, I've read the book about 5 times I'd say and while the movie resembles the book the book is non-fiction so the ending isn't as happy. Now, in the grand scheme of things the movie contradicts the book for the most part, at least closer to the end...during the movie & building of all of the relationships they are very similar & I enjoyed watching these scenarios that I read about play out on the screen. The movie is a pretty honest portrayal of women & how they perceive relationships & men & the crazy things that we actually believe that couldn't be any further from reality. I don't know why it is that women always want to "read into" everything and make excuses for the behavior of straight up assholes...why would we want to be with an asshole? Who knows but it's pretty hard to not turn into one of those women once in a while, trust me...it just happened to me!! Anyway, while this is basically a chick flick I don't think it would really be off limits to men especially if you have the kind of man who watches Desperate Housewives with you on Sundays. There are hot chicks in the movie too which keeps the interest of the men & you get to see Scarlett Johansson in her bra so that's a plus! Ginnifer Goodwin's character Gigi was my favorite, reminded me most of myself but more neurotic & intense than I am. So, I give this one 3 (of 4) olives so go check it out, it was funny and sweet and honest and oh yeah Jennifer Connelly was quite unlikeable unfortunately. Oh, and to the bitch that was sitting behind me, did you have to comment on every scene? Did you have to kick my chair a hundred times? Did you have to constantly be sniffling & coughing for no reason? You suck!!!
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