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Feb 20, 2009

Rihanna Pic

Thanks to TMZ we have the photo of Rihanna's face after the alleged beating by her boyfriend Chris Brown. This pic is pretty nasty & her face looks sore as hell, I'm assuming the next couple days her face turned all shades of purple. I feel really bad for her & don't believe these rumors that she would go back to him but then again, women do it all the time & I don't know why. All these people seem to be saying is "don't men know they should never hit a woman", well I don't think anyone should hit anyone really it's not just that men shouldn't hit women but they shouldn't hit each other nor should women hit men just because the man isn't supposed to hit back. Obviously nobody knows what happened here but I will say that if I started beating on my man & was causing injury I would expect him to hit me back, not beat me unconscious but certainly stand up for himself. In no way am I condoning what he did to her, let me just clear that up but everyone is just snapping judgement right away at him & yes, he's an asshole & shouldn't have done that to her & I hope he gets what he deserves for it but none of us know what happened at all, everything is speculation at this point so people need to stop jumping to conclusions & blowing things out of proportion when they don't have any actual information. I would also like to say that just because Chris Brown is a total douche bag doesn't mean that I like his music any less & guess what? I don't hear it anymore! WTF is up with that? I still hear Ike Turner on the radio & we all know what he did to Tina repeatedly for years but I don't see 104.3 pulling his music. Why do I have to be punished because of what he did? I still love his music & still want to dance to it all the damn time & while I also feel the same about her music the stations need to stop playing her songs every 3rd song before I get sick of her!
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