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Feb 8, 2009

Joe Won't Shoot You

*This is from my other blog but I had to share it*

Well guys, over the last few months I've been giving you all kinds of tips on dating & the shit I've been putting up with but today my friends I will tell you a story, a story of a crazy business owner who went insane on my friend Jen, well for a while there they were insane on each other & that was a lot to handle! Ok so I'll give you some basic info that is needed to bring us to the reason I posted this to begin with. Joe is a business owner of a prominent bar in Dearborn & in this bar is where Jen & Joe met. Joe is married and doesn't seem to care much I guess because he was seeing Jen & god knows who else for years, I'm sure he's probably still seeing other women but since I'm not around much anymore it's hard to know for sure but some things never change, lets just put it that way. Ok so Jen & I lived together for some time so I was inadvertently stalked by Joe daily which was creepy, he would drive by & honk every single night...so annoying. Jen & Joe had a very tumultuous relationship for like 5 years and one summer she hit him right in the face & broke the bone under his eye, this was funny. After the broken face incident things started to change a bit & Jen started to understand that life was best without this douche bag. They both ended up taking out restraining orders on each other a few years back & that is basically what leads us here...due to the luxuries of community websites like Myspace & Facebook we can all stay in contact with people we love, like & loathe all at the same time, how awesome right? Not so much because you end up with shit like this coming through:

"Jenny,Nice hipps, hows life any better? i want to own a hand gun. i promise not to shoot you with it. maybe how about taking off my hand cuffs? Joey"

So, what do you think, should she release the PPO & let Pound Cake (his nickname, if you saw him you'd get it) get a hand gun & not shoot her with it?The fact that he can't even properly spell hips makes me say no, plus the fact that I know the entire history of this situation also makes me lean toward no but part of me is thinking that she does live in another state now so maybe she should let him. I mean, I'm sure having the gun will provide entertainment for all of us in some way when he gets thrown in jail for pulling it on someone at the bar or accidentally shooting himself or some other dumb ass incident so really, this is a toss up!!
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