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Feb 10, 2009

Who Does That?

Welcome my friends to the first of edition of Who Does That? I often come in contact with people who do dumb shit & I think to myself, "come on, who does that?" and obviously the response is "assholes like them". So I've decided to start posting my who does that thoughts & see what you all think or who knows maybe you'll read one & think "shit, I do that" & realize that you too are an asshole!! Ok here we go:

A man flies to a different state to attend a wedding of a friend, he then rents a car to drive the extra 40 minutes to said wedding, he gifts the bride & groom of course then drives the 40 minutes back to where he is staying then the next day flies back home. Three months later he receives an e-thanks which states that the groom is sending them this way to save on postage. Save on postage? Hello, the least they could do was send a paper thank you to those who came from out of state & paid a crap load more than locals to spend their happy day with them. Now I ask you, who does that?
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1 comment:

Lisa said...

That is super tacky.