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Feb 12, 2009

Who Does That?

Today I'm driving to work & the road I take is just a 2 lane so if you are behind some old lady with blue hair you are kind of screwed & today was awful. I was behind a non-old lady in a white car, basic 4 banger & she was going 5 under (40) & kept tapping her brakes which was getting on my nerves because I just wanted to gun it & run her off the road. Well finally as we are coming up a hill toward a light I notice that she is riding the ass of the person in front of her so I let it go & realize that she is like me & also annoyed by what I assume is an old lady with blue hair. This ass riding & brake tapping went on until the next light when white car pulled into the left turn lane and then I saw it, the car she was riding the ass of was a freaking Lotus. You mean to tell me that you are going to pay $75,000+ dollars on a car & you can't even be bothered to go the speed limit, who does that? The speed limit is 45 & this guy (yes it was a man) was going about 38. Once we opened up to 2 lanes he moved over & I gunned it & flew past him giving him a very dirty look & shaking my fist at him as well.

One more for ya but since it also involves stupid drivers I figured I might as well do them together. Yesterday I'm on my way home from work & it was actually a very pleasant drive until I got to my final turn. I make a left off of the street I'm on & need to make a right pretty much immediately so as I always do I get in the right lane & wait for that light to turn green. The line is pretty long which isn't all that rare but it's not the norm so I wait & the light changes & we move up like 1 car length so now I see the light turning red & I'm getting pissed. Cars are shifting in & out of my lane and then I see the flashing lights so I take it back hoping that something terrible hasn't happened. The last time I was stuck behind a cop car with it's flashers on it's because there was a dead baby deer in the road, so sad. Anyway, I move into the next lane with everyone else & then make the wide right turn to the street I need and I look & there is a woman sitting in her car waiting for her ticket. It's 5:30 on a weekday & you don't think to maybe pull into the driveway at the next business on the other side of the light? You completely block the intersection making it next to impossible for those of us who are trying to turn to do so, did you pass drivers ed? A better question is why didn't the cop tell her to pull into the driveway, I'm assuming nobody gives a shit or maybe the cop chewed her out for being stupid & blocking the intersection to begin with. I mean dude, who does that? See diagram below :)

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Megan Petersen said...

and as rob would say, cops shouldn't pull people over during rush hour unless they're doing like 25 over