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Nov 5, 2008

2 Things I Wanted To Discuss

1. I have to admit that John McCain gave an excellent speech when he lost, it was very admirable the way he handled it & no I didn’t exactly expect him to come out & start yelling that Barack won by mistake or that he wanted a recount or anything. I’m sure he was super upset when he lost, how could he not be upset, that would really suck but he took it like a man & that is very responsible. I would like to say though that Sarah was crying & that’s not a shocker, she is a woman after all & we all know that us women are overemotional crazy bitches which is probably the main reason that Hilary didn’t make it to the election. Side bar, I wonder if Hilary would have beat McCain…I’m going to assume not, but now that we have made such amazing history I think I will see a female President in my lifetime. Ok, back to Sarah, I will admit that as I was laying in bed fighting to stay awake to see Barack’s speech I watched John’s & when they showed Sarah crying I said aloud “you’re upset because you know this is your fault” and I think it’s true. Had McCain had a different running mate this election could have played out completely different, but he didn’t & it didn’t, it played out the way I was hoping & I’m still completely elated!!

2. Kim, the white bitch on Real Housewives of Atlanta is the most annoying person on TV right now. This show, is hilarious to say the least & not because it’s funny but because of these women. For those of you who don’t watch it, there are 5 women on the show & 1 is white. There is 1 cute girl who is far too friendly & nice & always sees the good in people, the crazy broad who is always loud & who’s giant tits are always blazing, 1 uptight snob ass bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else & deserves a 7 figure settlement from her divorce, and then another girl who talks like she has her jaw wired shut which severely irritates me and then there is Kim. Kim is the white girl & her tits are always blazing too, she has blonde hair that looks like doll hair (obvious weave), a man who is referred to as “big poppa” because he’s a celebrity & doesn’t want to be identified on the show, and at least 1 kid. So this bitch thinks she has what it takes to become the next hot country singer and let me tell you that she can’t carry a tune in a bucket let alone sell even 1 record. So on lasts nights episode she meets up with her boy Dallas Austin (producer) to lay down her first track. She rolls into the studio in white pants, a white top, and a white top hat…she looked like a fool but right before she started recording she says “how does my hair look”, as if that matters…you look like an asshole & to answer the question, it looks like you shaved Barbie’s head & glued the hair to yours! Luckily, after she recorded her song she listened to it & heard just how awful she was & that she would have to continue seeing her voice coach who did say to her “you have no idea what you are doing”. I can’t wait to see what happens from here because this show is insane, by far the most dramatic of all of the Housewives shows. If you haven’t seen it be sure to catch reruns on Bravo!!

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