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Nov 14, 2008

Office Mugs!

For all of you office fans out there I don't know if you spotted it last night during the show but they are now selling the mugs that Kelly gave to everyone at her "America's Got Talent" party that Jim & Dwight didn't attend. I went through & checked them all out & there is a mug for everyone except Jim & Dwight since they didn't go & of course there is no Pam either because she was in NY. I also noticed the absence of Oscar although I thought he went to the party. Anyway, it was a very tough decision of which mug to purchase for myself but I think I've settled on Stanley. Not only do I love him because he doesn't give a shit but that mug with his face on it is freaking priceless & hysterical. I was going to get the "Kelly" mug for obvious reasons but it's just nowhere near as funny as the Stanley mug!!
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