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Nov 13, 2008

Top Chef New York

So, the new season of Top Chef started last night & I of course watched it! I think this season is going to be a goody. None of the dishes that were served yesterday were gross & usually there are a couple that are cooked so poorly they can barely be eaten. I was somewhat bummed with the 2 eliminations yesterday though, the girl who got popped off before they even went to the kitchen was kind of annoying because she thought so highly of herself so I wasn't too sad to see her go, but her gay boyfriend on the other hand...I hearted him & was totally bummed to see him sliced. He totally screwed himself over though, using those black rice noodles was not a good choice since he had never cooked with them before. Even I know that though you want to woo the judges right out of the gate it's not wise to use something you are not familiar with. Now the dude that won both the quickfire & the challenge (Stefan) is the most obnoxious prick I've seen in a long time. Him & the other foreigner...they both suck, big time & they think their shit don't stink so the sooner both of them are gone the better. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this season isn't like most of them where the winner of the first challenge wins the whole thing because I don't think I can put up with that dude much longer nor do I want him having the satisfaction of being the winner. I do like the dude from Hawaii, Gene I think his name is, but it's way too early to tell who is good & who isn't.
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Megan Petersen said...

rob and i were totally rooting for the Hawaiian guy, how do you make a perfect indian dish if you've never eaten indian food? bastard! and the european dudes are total douchebags, maybe they'll improve but they remind me of that tool marcel from a few seasons ago....gah, i HATED him!

Kel said...

Oooooh, I hated Marcel too!!! I know talk about beginners luck on the Indian food, way to go!

Paul said...

Create dish. Add curry. Voila, Indian food!