"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Nov 5, 2008


So let me complain about something that really gets on my nerves these days. Well, it’s always gotten on my nerves; not just lately but as of late it seems to be popping up more. So, I hate waiting on other people to my job. I send an email that is a simple yes or no question & I don’t get a response for 2 or 3 days so here I am sitting on some task waiting on someone else so I can finish it & I can’t stand that!! For example, I sent an email to someone Monday saying “do you want me to do this or that” and I didn’t hear back so I resent it on Tuesday and still no response so then I hear from their partner that they are pissed this isn’t completed yet; well guess what dude? So am I! This person who has not responded does this often then will get all up my ass wanting to know why this isn’t done & it’s always their lack of response that is holding up the job. So what do I do? Do I say, umm asshole, if you would have responded to my email this would have been done days ago? It is just extremely irritating to look in my inbox & see items in it that I can’t close out, I don’t like that at all!!!!! I also can’t stand the blame game and that’s not what I’m trying to play here but I’m just wondering if I should notify the partner of the person who is slacking so they don’t assume that I’m not doing my job or just let it go. What do you think?
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Lisa said...

We had an email etiquette class at work. They recommended that you clearly state when you require a response. Then, if you don't get an answer you forward the email again with "SECOND REQUEST" in the subject line and then "THIRD REQUEST" if needed.

Kel said...

Good idea Cee, that's what I used to do at my last job, I don't know why I don't do it now!