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Nov 10, 2008

Grey's Controversy

Oh boo hoo, everyone is all up in arms because Brooke Smith was fired from Grey's Anatomy. So effing what? Her character was not very appealing & people are saying she was fired because her character was a lesbian...I don't think so. She was fired because she's not hot enough to be on the show, lesbian or not, Brooke is ugly & ugly people don't make a show money. Since the beginning of season 3 this show has started going down the toilet slowly, I stopped watching it as did a couple other people I know who used to be addicted to it like I was. It has nothing to do with the lack of Dr. Burke or the lack of Brooke Smith, it's the lack of entertainment the show has.

Isiah Washington made some comments about Brooke being fired & the most amusing part is this "The fact is that, just before the holidays, you have a mother, a wonderful actress removed from a steady income without the proper reasoning behind it..." Seriously? Come the eff on!! I'm going to guess that in probably 1 episode she made more than I do in a year so I wouldn't be too concerned about her being able to buy presents for her family for X-mas!!! He also seems to think that if they brought his character back he would "save the show", I say leave good enough alone dude, the show is a piece of shit & I wouldn't even want to be on it & boy could I use the money!!!
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