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Nov 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Have A Ticket

So Doug & I go out to breakfast this morning & as we are pulling back up at the house what is waiting for me? That's right an effing ticket! Umm, excuse me, what the hell is this for? Well, this apparently is for parking on the side street on the 3rd garbage day of the month when they say they are picking up leaves but don't or some such shit. Well guess what assbag...I don't live here, there are no signs posted ANYWHERE along my route to this house so how in the hell would I know about this stupid law? What, do they think that I get the Press & Guide to keep up on my laws & rules even though I no longer live here? This my friend is what I call bull-shit & thankfully, Doug offered to take care of it because I'm sorry, I'm not paying a ticket for some rule that I don't know exists, that there is no proof of anywhere, and that didn't exist when I lived here less than one year ago. I don't think it is even the slightest bit ok to ticket a non-resident for a non-posted law that they unknowingly disobeyed. Oh, and they gave me a ticket on my birthday about 5 years ago as well, for parking in a closed bank window station along with 3 other cars who didn't get a ticket. This city can go f**k its face :)
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Paul said...

That sucks yo but don't take it personally.

Kel said...

Oh I don't, but why only on my b-day do they ticket me? Shell says there are signs everywhere, I drove around Doug's neighborhood & I didn't see 1 sign, anywhere on either of his streets, or on Outer Drive or Cherry Hill...am I supposed to be a mind reader? And if they don't have trash days posted that coincide with said signs who is supposed to know...it just makes no sense. From now on I'm parking right on the lawn :)

Paul said...

Ha! Now don't turn Dearborn into Taylor!

There are no signs in our hood either. I can just picture their excuse: "well it WAS posted in the quarterly newsletter" or whatever little publication they got going on (besides the city website) that I don't read.