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Nov 17, 2008

Out of My Element

So Friday night my sugar daddy "D" took me out for my b-day & our stripper friend's b-day as well. Our friend was working so we went to her adult establishment to celebrate, when we got there the place was busy but not packed. We ordered a bottle of Moet & some strawberries & kicked back & watched some boobs on the stage, well except when this one girl was up there...she seriously had no tits at all, not even mosquito bites, she only had nips. Her "top" looked like a shoelace tied around her chest...it was the most bizarre thing ever! Anyway, so a couple of D's friends meet up with us & get some food & we have anther bottle of Moet. His brother & his girl meet up with us as well & we chilled for a little bit then decide to go to another adult establishment. We arrive at said establishment & I see a couple girls out front that I had met before & say my hello's & what not then head in because I have to pee really bad. Well, I come out of the potty & find my group and as I find a place to stand (the place was busting at the seams) I look around & realize that I am 1 of 4 white people in the bar. Obviously I don't have issues with black people because I was with a large group of black people & I was the "light skinned girl" but I can say that I have never felt so out of place. I had heard about things like "making it rain" and "making it clap" and other things of the sort in (God this will make me sound so white) rap songs and in movies but I had never actually been part of it. Just imagine sitting in a booth in a strip club and having dollar bills all over you, the booth, the table, the floor, in the air, like for real "raining dollars". Thankfully my girl Michelle had told me in the past that it's considered a major faux pas if you pick up that money & keep it so I just kept collecting it & sitting it on the table. As much time as I spend with my sugar daddy I guess it just never occurred to me that he would keep things "white" when we hung out but I guess he had. Luckily we were only there for an hour but he apologized a couple times for the atmosphere & I told him I didn't care, yes I was uncomfortable & felt awkward but I didn't feel threatened or anything. I still plan on hanging out with "D" often, but the next time he suggests that place I'm saying "hell to the naw D". Obviously I don't mind being dragged to strip clubs because I never have to pay but I guess I have to draw lines occasionally because there are certain situations that just aren't fun for me, even if I'm not paying.
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