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Nov 26, 2008

Worst Day of the Year

So today is "bring a kid to work day" and since I have no time left I couldn't take the day off! Luckily we close early & I got free lunch out of the deal but I got here at 8 & the kids were here & by 9 I was ready to jump out the window. The kids were sent on a scavenger hunt through the office, they were sent out into cubeville to rifle through everyone's things & take stuff. I was of course working and up and down printing stuff so I walk out of my cube & there is a large group of kids heading right for me so I stop & they are all looking behind them & 1 walks right into me, WTF? After I moved & got away from them all I can hear is screaming & the thumping of 20 children running around our cubes. Now I know the kids just want to have fun & stuff but (at the risk of sounding like Joe) isn't that a liability? What if that girl had run into me with the hanger in her hand & I got hurt or what if I ran into one of them with a pen & they got hurt? Personally I think bring a kid to work day should be canceled everywhere, because it isn't like the parents actually spend the day with their kids so what the hell is the point in bringing them? To me the day would mean coming to work with your parent & seeing what they do at work to earn the money that buys them all the things they want, not playing with other kids who were also dropped off by their parents who are in their offices working. Kids have much less sense of the importance of working & earning money for the things that they want than we did & it just keeps getting worse. I'm sure all kids aren't like that but my point is that the whole point of bring a kid to work day is totally overlooked these days, the parents seem to just see it as a day that they don't have to pay for day care.
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