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Nov 24, 2008

My Birthday In Review

Ok so on November 18th (day before my b-day) we headed down to Ford Field to see Madonna, which was a bit of an adventure. Doug gave us a ride & when we were about there some douche bag in a limo tried to cut Doug off in the Yukon, well Doug hit his mirror & then yelled at him out the window while Leslie freaked out in the back seat. As we were exiting the vehicle Wendy wasn't quite out yet & Doug started to drive away, since she didn't get hurt this was hysterical. We approached Ford Field & noticed giant lines which we separated & got into. Leslie had main floor while Wendy & I had "the cheap seats" so we figured out what was going on & started to wait. We waited for about 40 minutes before we got inside which sucked, it was frickin freezing & they only had 1 entrance for main floor & 1 for everyone else. We actually got inside before Leslie & when we arrived at our seats a guy stopped us & told us we had been upgraded! We were moved 2 sections over & a level closer, now this place holds like 60,000 people so we were still a "million miles away" but had a much better angle than we were supposed to. Brian picked us up after which was much easier than the ride down & all ended well. This past weekend me & the girls got together & hit up Backstreet which is the best gay club around not to mention extremely close to Dearborn. Our friend Adam & his boyfriend Brian also met up with us to celebrate a bit! I danced my ass off all night long, there was a mini drag show, I had great company, and V paid for my drinks all night. All in all I'd say it was a great effing birthday & 31 isn't all bad other than the fact that my thighs hurt so bad from dancing all night I have a hard time getting off the couch! Thanks again to everyone for their well wishes, company, and cocktails it was all greatly appreciated!!! If you want to see my pics from my b-day & Madonna click here.
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