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Nov 24, 2008

Oh No They Didn't!!

Heidi & Spencer & his flesh colored beard got married in Cabo on November 20th. First of all, who gets married on a Thursday & 2nd of all she said as soon as they said their vows she couldn't stop crying. You know why? That's right, she knew at that very moment she had made the worst decision ever & that her life was officially over! Apparently she didn't tell her parents but she did call her mom before it went down & said something was up & her mom (because she's smart) asked if they were breaking up! Anyway, Spencer said after Heidi read him some passages from the Bible like "love thy wife" when they were on some Mexican getaway he told her she should start planning their wedding again. Notice how he said she should start planning...I'm sure that is why they eloped, either that or because she totally effing pregnant! Look at that pic, why would she wear a flowy dress when everything she wears is always skin tight? Also, notice how his arms are around her belly? Also, what is with the ring? on her finger...it looks like electrical tape. She has to be pregnant, it looks like her belly is bigger than her boobs & with those implants & her skinny body she must be like 5 months by now!!! Let me point out how they had a "secret" ceremony but of course didn't forget to invite Us Weekly!
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Wendy said...

They are so effing annoying and totally deserving of each other.

Kel said...

We think they are doing this to try to get their own show, I hope they do, marriages always break up after a reality show