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Nov 7, 2008

Still Annoyed With New iGoogle

I love Google & iGoogle but what I don't like is the new "improved" iGoogle. Improved is quite a stretch here because I can't stand it!! With the new version your tabs are on the left rather than on the top & I have no idea how they think this "improves" anything! All of my gadgets are all smooshed up and instead of being a small box they are now a long rectangle which prevents me from even looking at half of them because I hate having to scroll and scroll just to read my horoscope. With the old version I was able to arrange all of my gadgets so I could see everything on the screen at the same time, that is no longer an option. The one good thing I can say about the new iGoogle is the new gmail preview which is fairly great because you can delete things without having to open them but you cannot click links or add attachments so you still have to go to full gmail for that which is also annoying. I say let us have the option of having the tabs on the top, side, or bottom...why only give us one option? Why call this improved when it does nothing except irritate 80% of the users?
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