"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Jul 22, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Ok everyone, I am embarking on a product trial to attempt to remove the lines, bags, and dark circles from my eyes. Wendy purchased a new product & said it was great so I looked at her eyes & didn't see any crows feet! I immediately jumped online & purchased the product Bliss, All Around Eye Cream from one of the greatest stores in the world Sephora. Well, I just started using the product and am going to track my progress to see if my results are as great as Wendy's. See Wendy is Russ/Asian so her skin is completely different than mine, she is darker complected & has Asian genes (they don't age!) not to mention the fact that she has no arm or leg hair which has nothing to do with her eyes but I think it's bull & completely unfair that she doesn't have to shave. So, I will be taking weekly photos of my eyes to see the progress, if any, of this product & I will be posting my results here so stay tuned to see if this stuff is worth the $28.


Wendy said...

I love the arrows pointing at your troubled spots, it looks like something you would see in an infomercial.

Megan E said...

holy shit wendy, i didn't know you didn't have to shave!!!! I HATE YOU!