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Jul 21, 2008

Tipping the Scales

As many of you may already know I quit smoking 6 months ago (on the 28th) and I’ve been feeling great ever since, but within the last couple/few weeks I’ve started gaining weight. This makes no sense to me that I would gain now & not say 3-6 months ago. So, today I’m starting a 2-week intensive weight drop to see what happens. Normally I work out on average of 60-90 minutes a week, which is definitely not nearly enough, but this has not changed in over a year. I quit the gym when I moved because A. it was too far away & 2. I needed the cash to have electricity so now I work out at home which sucks but I have no other choice. When I used to go to the gym I didn’t do much cardio I did all weight training & for a while there mama was looking hot, but after Vegas round 1 I lost interest in the gym & would go steadily for 6 weeks every 6 months or so & get my body back & then quit. I have no plans of changing the way I eat, other than the fact that when I have low fat/fat free ice cream for dessert I will be measuring to make sure I’m only have ½ cup (1 serving). See, this weight gain is a bit of a mystery for me really…I know that I’m now 30 & my metabolism isn’t what it used to be but come on, since I moved I eat way better than before. I’ll do a top/bottom comparison for you of food intake living with Doug 1 year prior to the move & then intake living alone.

Living with Doug

Breakfast: Special K cereal bar
Lunch: Michelena’s frozen something or other
B&L are the same 5 days a week
1. Burger King Chix sandwich & onion rings
2. Subway chix teriyaki sub w/ sun chips & 2 cookies
3. 1/3 slab of ribs from Westpoint with French onion soup, fries & tasty garlic bread
4. Jet’s deep dish pizza with bacon & onion
5. Miller’s cheeseburger & onion rings
Living Alone
Breakfast: Special K cereal bar
Lunch: Michelena’s frozen something or other
B&L are the same 5 days a week
1. Whole grain pasta with marinara sauce with zucchini and side salad with feta & veggies & low fat dressing (this salad will be with each dinner)
2. Can of Chunky (healthy request) chicken noodle soup and crackers.
3. Kielbasa & sauerkraut with onion
4. Baked pork chops with potatoes in a tomato sauce with green peppers & onion
5. Tuna casserole with peas & onions
Snacks before would include chips & chocolate but snacks now consist of fruit, veggies, and cheese.

For dessert while living with Doug we would have B&R ice cream or king size candy bars or Ben & Jerry’s or Subway cookies but there was dessert every night.

For dessert now I have fresh berries with light whip cream or low fat/fat free ice cream or 100 calorie candy bars.

On the weekends I eat whatever the hell I want & don’t feel guilty about it either, mostly because that’s when I eat leftovers & stuff or I go out to eat & if I’m paying for a meal I’m not getting something healthy. Plus 1 day a week I usually go to eat with my family & depending where we are going I generally just eat whatever I want.

Basically I could still be eating way better but compared to before it’s like I’m a health nut yet I’ve gained like 6 lbs which to most isn’t any big deal but when you are 5 feet tall that’s a whole jeans size & since I’m poor there is no way I’m going to go out & start buying new clothes, I have to work my fat ass back into the old ones! So, after talking to my mom I found out that our family has a history of thyroid problems, which is why I decided to start my 2-week test. I’m already taking a diet supplement that curbs cravings & makes me feel a little more full (I take this before dinner as I have an issue with late night snacking) and it works pretty well. It’s supposed to balance out my glucose levels to assist in weight loss but it doesn’t boost metabolism or anything, it was recommended in the Whole Foods magazine. So I am taking these, working out at home 20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week, I run laps up and down my hallway, (the people below me must hate me) or I do workouts OnDemand via Fit TV & these consist of salsa dancing, yoga, pilates, tae bo…whatever I’m in the mood for.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what I weigh but after 2 weeks I will tell you how much I lost & if that is 0, then I will be seeing my doctor regarding a possible thyroid problem because this is ridiculous!

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