"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Jul 25, 2008

The Herp

Ok all you college kids & grown drunks, it appears that oral herpes are up 200+% in college age kids & it is believed that this is attributed to Beer Pong. There you stand at your end of the table chugging beer from the same cup as that nasty skank that you will realize after the drunken haze has passed has a huge cold sore and then guess what? That’s right, you are a skank now too as you will also be sporting a similar and equally unfashionable cold sore yourself, as will all of the other peeps who were also on your team. You need to be careful when beer bonging as well, I know it’s a hassle but whomever is manning said bong needs to sanitize the bong tube in between each use and for the ponging it is recommended that you do the “waterfall” method of just pouring the beer in your mouth rather than putting your lips on the cup, or play another game such as flip cup/boat races, quarter bounce, quarter spin, or anything else that involves personal beers. Happy alcoholing!!

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