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Jul 22, 2008

Kwame, Kwame...

So now Kwame is saying that the text messages were sent by hackers, come the eff on, he is starting to sound like a little kid blaming the dog when the lamp got knocked over and broken. This guy is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen, you are the mayor of Detroit not some West Side thug dude, so rolling in Navigator’s, rockin big ass diamond earrings, making it rain at house parties, partying with hookers, throwing bashes of the century, none of this makes you look good as a political figure.
The main reason you keep getting reelected is because the vast majority of the city of Detroit is poor & they look at all of your bling & think that just maybe if they keep voting you in to office they too will end up all rich & powerful, but we all know that will never happen. They don’t realize that it is their money that is paying for those vehicles, parties, diamonds, hotel rooms, hookers, dinners with Christine…etc. consider yourself lucky to be the mayor of a city that really has it’s head up it’s ass. The city still looks like shit, sure the downtown area is looking a little better, but what about the actual city where the residents live? Every other house on most blocks is either burnt up, missing, or foreclosed on and boarded up & who wants to look at that? I’m guessing the family attempting to live in the 1 remaining house on the block just has to deal with the drug dealers & squatters living in the boarded up houses down the road because you wasted millions of dollars in that whistleblower trial that could have been spent to clean up these run down neighborhoods. I’m not a resident of Detroit, basically because I’m not going to pay an extra city tax when nothing is being done to improve the city! I really hope that the city council comes through & Kwame is dethroned, because in any other country he would have been immediately arrested and thrown in prison for perjury since it is a felony! That’s the one thing I don’t like about this country, if you are a public figure the law just simply doesn’t pertain to you, you have no legal drinking age, you can lie in court and not be punished, if you are sentenced to prison time you only have to actually serve out 5% of it, and you can usually buy yourself out of anything else but Joe Blow who gets in a bar brawl has to do hard time? I would like to ask that you be a real man & step down because you look like a fool walking around like nothing is going on, I would also like to ask your wife to step up & leave your ass because you are a dog & have made an absolute fool out of her!! Please enjoy the following video of Kwame's Mommy...looks like it runs in the family!


Megan E said...

unfortunately most of the $$$ for the city comes from the companies that do business there, hence some of the push that people who work in the city should be able to vote just as residents do, it's not like property taxes are raising that much dough for d-town

Kel said...

I totally agree with you, if they have to pay to work there then should be allowed to vote as well!