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Jul 30, 2008

Spencer & Heidi Spend $15Mill on House

See this article about Speidi buying at 15 Million dollar home!!! I am so sick of these two I swear! First of all I don’t really understand why they are even still on the Hills since the Hills is technically about Lauren and her & Lauren are no longer friends. I don’t know about you guys but I’d be happy never seeing her mouse face again. I just don’t get where in the hell all of this money is coming from, especially since Spencer is unemployed & was living on his sister’s couch not that long ago. Spencer is just a manipulating piece of shit and damn is he good at it. He’s an unemployed loser and is using his girlfriend and sister to get by…how is this ok? How dumb are these women? I’m sorry but if I could afford a 15 million dollar home and my boyfriend didn’t work then guess what? That’s right kids, I’d be living alone! I really don’t think that MTV is paying them all that much considering that stars on Celebrity Fit Club only get paid $14,000 for it so what is Spencer making $20K (which would be way too much)? That’s not even enough cash for a years worth of food in LA especially when you eat out what appears to be every day! I would like to know when my life is going to be optioned for a TV show so I can make millions just by living...oh that's right, it won't be optioned because I'm NOT crazy!
photo courtesy of watt-up.com

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