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Jul 29, 2008

Shark Bites & Bad Reactions

So, it looks like there is all kinds of drama in the entertainment world today kids. Looks like Ms. Winehouse was hospitalized again, but this time apparently for an adverse reaction to medication that she was on although I don’t know just what type of meds they were nor was anyone giving any info out on that. She was rushed into the hospital Monday night & kept for observation & then released Tuesday morning & is now home resting.

Kelsey Grammar was also hospitalized in New York because he felt faint. This is also believed to be a reaction to meds that he was on following his recent heart attack that he suffered in Hawaii about 2 months ago.

Ryan Seacrest was apparently bitten by a shark over the weekend, he decided to go for a dip and ended up getting bit, but it couldn’t have been too bad because he was yapping about it on the air & complaining that there were 1,000 people in the water & he’s the one to get bit. I wonder if the shark had veneers too, maybe that’s what cushioned the nibble.
Photo created by me using photos from omg.com

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