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Jul 17, 2008

Runway Run

So, the new season of Project Runway started last night & this show is one of my faves so I was super excited to check it out. As always there are people that I loathe that I hope go home sooner than later, but generally by episode 5 these people change. Currently, I can't stand Wesley & Blayne...no I'm not talking about an 80's movie, I'm still talking Runway. Blayne is super annoying & I think he's trying to be the new Christian but we don't need a new one, we have the original. As awful and conceited as this sounds, I base my instant dislikes on appearances and Blayne is orange & admitted to being addicted to tanning. Wesley is young and was wearing knee length shorts with a short sleeve button down shirt & socks & shoes...he looked like a grandpa in a young guys body. There is also a girl who has some great designs but she is so meek looking, so meek that I can't even remember her name. Anyway, the Asian guy was cut & Kelly won! Woo hoo, go Kelly & since you have my name I'm currently choosing you as my favorite.

The new season of Run's House also started last night & it was funny as usual. The sisters were at each other because Vanessa wanted some time away from Angela and didn't tell her. Rev came home from being on tour with Kid Rock, Jo Jo went to LA to visit his sisters and loved it there. Russy has taken up cooking & is apparently good at it & the baby (Miley, yes as in Cyrus) is being hovered around by mom & Russy. Personally the baby needs to be left alone more often as far as I'm concerned...every time they showed Justine she was sitting there holding the baby or walking around holding the baby & that's not good for the kid at all. Speaking of the baby, she threw up in Diggy's mouth & that was a riot!!

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