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Jul 18, 2008

New Shows Old Favorites

Ok so we all know I'm a 90210 junkie and I was reading yesterday that Shannen Doherty may have agreed to come back to the show. Now, Tori is saying that she has to hold off coming back because of her baby...is it because of the baby or because of Brenda? Ooooh, the drama of 90210 continues after like 10 years being off the air. I say get over your grudges ladies, this is about the fans, not you & to be perfectly honest, I could care less if Donna returns. I'm afraid to watch the show, it might be awful, but it could also be awes! Nat has agreed to be on the pilot (airing September 2nd) but isn't sure if he wants to stay on the show. I read somewhere that an original cast member would be returning as the principal at West Bev or some shizz, and it said the character had a celeb mom who was now in rehab which was why they had returned to LA in the first place. Now, the only person this could be is Steve but there has been no mention of him at all, so who knows what's going on with that but I would be happy to see Steve back on the show. I was really hoping that Erin & Hannah would be on the show, like the new generation or something but I guess we will have to wait & see about that once the show starts. I'm so excited!!

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