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Jul 18, 2008

Britney Lets Go

So, thank God, Britney & K-Fed's custody battle is finally over! Britney agreed to let Kevin have full custody of the boys, which is def in their best interest given mom's mental anguish of the past. While K-Fed isn't the best dad in the world he's certainly a much better parent than Britney and he doesn't work much so he has more time to spend with the kids! I'm happy that Brit agreed to this because now they don't have to go to trial and put those poor kids through that. Brit will have visitation rights but Kevin is very happy that there will be structure in the boys lives now which will make things easier for them. Kevin said "I need to have Britney to be involved in the coparenting of the kids, but I need there to be a structure." For the full article click here. Congrats to the entire Spearderline crew for getting this legal battle over with & getting the boys lives back to some sense of "normal".

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