"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Jul 24, 2008

I'm A Winner!!!

So, my dear friends Megan & Rob along with Megan's dad Chuck got a new boat & they had a boat naming contest so I decided to jump aboard (get it?) and come up with something clever. I'm terrible at thinking of things like this but I was in the shower (which is where I do my thinking) and trying to think of all these boating terms & phrases I could make from them & everything I could think of was so lame or not accurate word play so suddenly, as I was lathering up my hair I thought of something perfect I was all excited & kept repeating it to myself so I wouldn't forget. I was notified today that I indeed won the contest with my 1 clever idea, so everyone...please welcome to the Petersen/Throm family, Shaken Not Stern!! If you want to see pics of the boat check out www.detroitr.com. For those of you who didn't win...thanks for the stellar competition!

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