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Jul 9, 2008

Honey May I?

I am so sick of stupid girls, these women who seem to think that their entire existence is based on making some man happy. This ideal is bull shit & totally 50's and the times have changed ladies. You own you, you make your own decisions, he is him & should be able to take care of himself...after all he's a grown ass man! I understand that you may have to check with your man before you make plans with the girls or anyone else for that matter, but solely to make sure that the two of you didn't already have prior plans that you forgot about. I am beyond fed up with hearing phrases such as "I don't know if he will let me", and others of this sort. Anyway, we work all day, so does he, why would you bail on fun to rush your ass home to make dinner when he is perfectly capable of making it himself? Obviously, if you made dinner plans with your man & your co-worker asks if you want to get happy hour saying "I already have plans with boy" is totally cool, but saying something like "boy will freak out if I don't have dinner on the table by 6" makes you no more than boys wife, not "girl" with her own identity. I have no issues with my married/coupled friends, well no issues with most of them but there are some that I refuse to speak to due to their choices in men/women because their choice doesn't make them a better person, they are no complimented by their significant other...they, like these women say things to me like "I wish I could go but boy won't let me", "I'm so broke after paying boy's cell phone bill I can't afford it", "boy is out with his friends and if I'm not here when he gets back he'll be pissed", "I can't talk now, boy has phones tapped", "we had so much fun, boy let me have a couple beers" you may be thinking "wtf?" but yes, these are all phrases I have heard from the women in my life at one time or another. Ladies, have some freaking self respect have you not seen Sleeping with the Enemy? Things won't ever get better, people don't change, and unless you want to lose all of the friends and family that you have who actually respect and love you it's high time you stood up for yourself & don't tell me that you are afraid you may never find anyone else because being alone is better than being owned by some asshat you think loves you.

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Lisa said...

I've seen the reverse probably more often by the p-whipped husbands. They aren't allowed to do anything without the wife's permission. And even when they are allowed to go out with the boys, the wife or girlfriends calls them about ten times that night to see when they are coming home!