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Sep 4, 2008

9021 Oh girl you look awful!

Dude, did you guys see 90210? I did & I'm still kind of on the fence about it, it seems like it could get good but right now it's just trying to find its place I think. It's def nothing like the first one and a bit reminiscent of Gossip Girl but it has Nat & GG does not! So, Jennie Garth looks really good I think, she's kept up appearances over the years & working has probably helped. I don't know that she has had any work done but she could certainly afford it if needed. Shannen on the other hand, whoo wee girl looks AWFUL! After all of these years she never got her teeth fixed and she looks the same but harder and her voice sounds like a pack of Lucky Strikes! I think it's cool that Erin & Hannah are on it but what is up with Erin (Silver as she goes by now) having super dark hair? I was just watching an episode from season 5 the other day & she was uber blond then so what happened? I also can't wait to see Kelly's mom in the next episode and judging by the preview she looks the same just a little heavier. This new show will never compare to the old one no matter how hard it tries but I'll keep watching. I will drop this show in a second though if it starts becoming anything like the OC...the most predictable teen drama ever on TV!
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