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Sep 10, 2008

No More Drama, Vote For Obama!

Ok all, I'm not really a very political person at all but I did want to make it known that I am supporting Barack Obama and not just because John McCain is 100 & Sarah Palin is so freaking annoying, but because Barack stands more for what I stand for and this country needs change not 4-8 more years of old ideals and opinions that date back to 1954. Wake up America, get your head out of your ass & make an educated vote based on YOUR beliefs not the beliefs of your parents, friends, family, church. If that vote is for McCain more power to you, but know WHY you are voting the way you are don't do it "just because" someone told you it was the way to go. YOUR future is in the hands of this election and you need to remember that on your way to the polls but regardless of your choice you need to do your duty and VOTE!!! Click here for more info on your candidates.

That's my peace.
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