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Sep 13, 2008

Review of The Women

Me, mom & Wendy went and saw The Women last night at the lovely AMC Fairlane in Dearborn. The theater was pretty packed with women & only a couple men who were either gay or a glutton for punishment but it wasn't as packed as expected, then again there was a later showing and we were there at 7:30 which is still kind of early. Anyway, the movie had a great story, the women in it played their characters very well, and there were some extremely humorous parts that's for sure. The cast of this movie is amazing and of all of the characters in it I'd say my favorite was Bette Midler who appeared for all of 10 minutes. There is not one man in this movie, not even on the streets of Manhattan, and I found that to be very refreshing seeing all of these business women going to work and no men. Men are mentioned but none appear, not even a gay guy! I definitely recommend this to women of all ages but I think that women between the ages of 35 and 60 will identify with it most. So gals, grab your moms, aunts and friends and head out to see this one, you will die lauging near the end...Jada Pinkett is freaking hysterical in the last big scene & her playing a lesbian is priceless as well!! I give the movie 3 of 4 olives & tomorrow I'm finally going to see Dark Knight at the IMAX & I can't wait!!!
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