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Sep 15, 2008

So Called Friends...

So my coworker has this “friend” who is in a word delusional. We will call this person Lucy just for stories sake & if Lucy ever by chance reads my blog she can’t complain because I didn’t use her actual name. So my coworker we’ll call her Jenny for same reasons comes in today & tells me this crazy story. Jenny & Lucy have been friends since 1st grade so they have one of those relationships where you really know the person & all of their flaws that come along with them. Well Jenny is a single mom and lives alone and her friend Lucy is single as well with a jacked up living situation but the difference between the 2 of them is that Jenny works and Lucy does not. Lucy was fired from her job at a local grocery store about 8 or 9 months ago & has since been living off of unemployment, not really sure how since it’s only supposed to run for like 3 months but regardless that is her income. Obviously Lucy has it rough with a limited income, sky high gas prices, she smokes & refuses to give it up even though it would save her over a hundred bucks a month, and she has a minor drug problem as well which probably runs a couple hundred a month too. So anyway, Jenny gets a call a couple weeks ago and Lucy tells her that her cousin is throwing her out and like I said they have known each other forever so Jenny knew damn well that Lucy was hoping for a handout & Jenny doesn’t have anything to give. Jenny told Lucy that she was sorry about her dilemma but she couldn’t help & suggested that Lucy get a job. Lucy took this to offense, why I have no idea because it seems pretty logical to me that when you have no money you get a job, right? Wrong apparently because Jenny told me all about Lucy & her past. She mooched off of everyone she knew from friends to family. She lived with her uncle for 4 years and never paid him any rent and one day she came home to find all of her stuff on the lawn & the locks changed so she moved on. After that she moved in with her mom & lived there for 7 months only paying rent the first 6 months & then she lost her job & stopped paying rent again & then mom threw her out too. After that she moved to Florida to live with her cousin and when she got there her cousin told her that he would put her up for 3 months & then she had to start paying rent. Lucy took major offense to this so her cousin said he would give her a job at his restaurant washing dishes in exchange for rent. Lucy agreed to this and after 3 days was furious because she wasn’t being paid even though her cousin told her that the job was exchange for rent. She wanted (get this) $300 a week on top of free rent because “I’ll be damned if I’m going to wash dishes and not get paid, I don’t even wash them at home”, this is what she told Jenny. The worst part is, she was still collecting unemployment & wanted the $300 on top of free rent & when her cousin told her no she went insane & called Jenny to bitch about how unfair this is. Jenny is sitting there with her 5-year-old daughter barely making ends meet but is at least working & Lucy has the balls to ask her for help. Jenny went crazy on her & told her everything she has ever wanted to say and it basically went like this: “you know what Lucy, you walk around acting like the world owes you something you bitch all the time about how everything is unfair, you don’t ever apply yourself to actually gain any respect from anyone so where do you get off thinking that you deserve more than those of us who work and earn respect from the world instead of waiting around for some big break that is never going to come?” “And another thing, please don’t call me again until you have decided to take up residence in the real world, good luck”!!
I totally support Jenny, Lucy sounds like a real piece of work & I would have done the same thing, Jenny has not spoken to Lucy since & she deleted her from her phone, I’m so proud of her!!! I would like to tell Lucy to wake the eff up, we all work to earn money & as much as we would love to meet some rich man who will just shower us in cash we know that we still have bills to pay in the mean time so get a damn job, stop draining the economy & stop feeling so sorry for yourself, you put yourself in this position & it's high time (at the age of 30) you figure your way out of it.

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