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Sep 29, 2008

Runway - old post

So I wrote this a couple weeks back & forgot to post :)
Did you guys see project Runway last night? First of all can I say that I’m so bummed that Joe went home, he was a really good designer not to mention local but his ensemble was totally cliché. I would like to state that I hate Kenley, she is so rude when she is on stage laughing out loud at her colleagues. What makes her think that her one design, which is repeated weekly, is any better than anyone else? She’s definitely a one trick pony & I just really want her eliminated already. If she makes it to Bryant Park I’m boycotting the show! Not only is she rude, selfish, demanding, lacking class, unable to take criticism, inappropriate, she is also annoying! I can’t stand her voice, the way she talks, or her teeth…everything related to her mouth including the words she chooses to let out of it & her needless laughter on stage just irritate the freaking piss out of me! I really hope she gets sent home next week or I may not be able to watch the rest of the season.
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