"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Sep 15, 2008

Look Who Stuffs!!

So I was on one of my favorite blogging sites today and while my boy was blogging about how Amy Crackhouse was seen with an unknown white substance (assumed to be drugs) stuffed in her bra I opened up the photos in the post and figured something out. That is not coke, heroin, or even baby powder; Ms. Amy stuffs her bra! Even in all of her chemically induced fuzzy mindedness she still remembers to grab that box of puffs and stuff her bra before heading out to the local pub. I guess I just don’t get first of all how she is still alive, second of all with all of her money why doesn’t she buy some cutlets instead of using tissues, and C, why does she shop at Salvation Army? I think I had the tank top she is wearing in these photos and donated it to the Army about 15 years ago.

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