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Sep 8, 2008

So Much To Say About The VMA's!

Ok kiddies, sorry I've been absent lately but my parents are up from TN & I've been spending some quality time with my mom while my dad has been off at the Jim Beam golf outing with his boys. So just to sum up my weekend before I get into my opinion of the VMA's, I chilled on Friday, watched Wonderland & thought it was pretty damn good, very interesting & informative & Val Kilmer did a damn good job at playing John Holmes or so I thought. I had heard things about the Wonderland murders in the past but never really knew anything about what went down there & damn, those murders were gruesome & in the movies when the actual bludgeoning was going on I had to cover my face, it was beyond disgusting!

Ok so on to the rest of the weekend, mom came over on Saturday & we went out to dinner, played putt putt, rented movies & chatted. Sunday we watched more movies & chatted, hung out & I made dinner. We had a lot of fun & it was really nice having the company.

Now, the VMA's. First of all I have no idea how in the hell Brit won video of the year, the video was nothing special, I also don't know how she won female video of the year, again the video was nothing special. She looked good, but didn't sound good when she flubbed her little opening speech...pretty sad when you have 10 words to say & you screw one up. She also stuck her tongue out at the end like she had just given a 10 minute speech in 5 minutes time, that I didn't get.

Can we please discuss this Russell Brand bloke? Dude, the UK can totally keep him. I thought a couple things he said were funny but that was about it, I was more embarrassed for him than anything else. He looked like an idiot, he made fun of the mentally challenged, he discussed the Jonas Bros way too much and that was about all I could handle. This was the first time in my VMA history that I didn't watch the whole show. About 1 hour into the awards I started looking at my weekend DVR list to see what I had missed when I noticed that the new season of Entourage was recording for me, at that time I opted to switch over. *On a side note, this season is going to rock, Ari called Lloyd Yoko last night and I about peed myself, Drama is totally in full on glory this season as well. Since the VMA's were still recording while I was watching the boys I did go back & rewind to watch Pink perform (loved it, love her) and I caught some of X-tina & I didn't recognize her with that makeup on & assumed she was some new group like Danity Kane that we could do without. Once I realized it was her I enjoyed the performance. I did like Rihanna's performance as well, she's just so cute.

I can’t stand Miley Cyrus as you all are very aware & then she had to be the one to introduce Pink at the awards which made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. She’s awful mouthy for being such a “proper” young girl, in fact I’d say she’s just a bitch! You know who else I don’t like? The Jonas Brothers! My peeps L&B said as they were watching the performance last night “the Jonas Brothers are by far the gayest thing we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot!” I fully agreed!! They aren’t gay in the “I like boys” way or “I’m so happy way” but gay in the “are you seeing this cause this shit aint right” way. My biggest beef with the bros is that I hear all of the girls are in love with Nick, and Joe is clearly the most attractive of the 3, the other 2 look like Screech. Kevin & Joe both however are in desperate need of an eyebrow wax!!
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Wendy said...

Ha Ha, you are so right about the Jonas Brothers!