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Sep 10, 2008

Overpaid Actors, Now There's a Surprise!

I found this article that I read funny and not the least bit shocking regarding the top 10 overpaid actors, even though there are only 9 people on the list. I don’t understand how or why Cameron Diaz is able to bank 50 million in a year when all she does is romantic comedies. Yes, I really enjoyed The Holiday but was her performance worth more than a couple million? No! According to this article she grossed that 50 mill from 2006-2007 and she did Shrek 3, the X-mas Shrek special & The Holiday…that’s it and I’m sorry but even totaling the 3 does not match up to 50 mill plus the article says that cartoons weren’t included!! You can’t tell me that she was paid $50M for The Holiday because if she was I need to get my happy ass in a movie, just one at $50M would set me for life.

I totally agree that Nicole Kidman is the most overpaid actor around because she’s so boring, strange, unattractive and not to mention a total freak based on some info I received a couple years back that I'm not going to divulge but those who know, will agree with me. She was also married to a total douche bag by the name of Tom Cruise who tied Cameron but I think was given the 2nd place spot due to his low earnings for Lion’s for Lambs. They were under $2.00 per $1 spent. You can see the actual standings below & feel free to check out
the article to read more detailed information.

Personally I think it’s pretty freaking sad that Nicole Kidman is worse off having in your movie than Will Ferrell, come on, he’s purely shtick & really nothing else but he is good at it so I guess I kind of see the point. I would also like to state that Nicolas Cage is so ugly & annoying & shouldn’t be in any movies, ever, period!

The info below shows the actors in order of waste of money & the dollar amount that accompanies the name is the per dollar earning (of their films) for the year of 06-07.

Cate Blanchett $4.97
Will Ferrell $4.67
Drew Barrymore $4.38
Nicolas Cage $4.16
Jim Carrey $4.11
Jennifer Lopez $4.10
Cameron Diaz- $4
Tom Cruise $4
Nicole Kidman $1
photo's for collage taken from IMDB
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