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Sep 26, 2008

Stuff In General

Hey everyone, so I'm back in the swing of things and working thank God, I was seriously going crazy just laying around the house for 3 days. I tried to do some cleaning but was too wore out or my fever would get in the way, I managed to run the dishwasher & do 1 load of laundry, oh and I unpacked from Toronto...thrilling, I know. I spent 2.5 days in the same clothes, gross I know but why dirty more stuff, I wasn't leaving the house! I opened up the window and laid on the couch with the breeze washing over me all day & that felt really nice, it smelled like spring, not fall. Knowing that fall was here though made me kind of sad, while I am a fall person knowing that winter comes next makes me sick to my stomach. As I age I find I have a much lower tolerance for all things winter from cold to icy roads & crazy snow storms but I guess I'll have to deal with it until I get a transfer to somewhere warm.

So tomorrow is my friend Wendy's birthday, she's turning the Dirty 30! We are all heading down to Garden Bowl for some bowling, beers, pizza, and fun & I'm so looking forward to some interaction with people after being under lock and key all week.

Next week & the whole month of October is going to be rough on me! Wed-Saturday next week I'll be dog sitting for my friends Todd & Melissa in Dearborn which won't be a problem but it will be annoying having to sleep with 2 dogs when I normally sleep alone. My friend Doug is going out of town for practically the whole month so I will be staying every single weekend in Dearborn at his house which means that my apartment is going to be a filthy mess! See, this is the problem with having pets...you make plans & then oops, someone has to watch your animals and guess what folks, even though you are paying someone it is a pain in the ass and it does put them out. The fact that I have to pack up work clothes, regular clothes, and all my day to day necessities & live out of a suitcase the entire month of October...it's an inconvenience regardless of how much cash I'm being given. My whole point is, why do I pay rent? I'm never home and here I thought by moving 20 minutes away people would stop depending on me but silly me it just makes things more difficult on me. The worst part is, I love these dogs so I can't just say "screw em" and that sucks!
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