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Sep 2, 2008

More Kwame

The big hearing regarding getting Kwame out of office is streaming for me right now (10:30 am ish)…I’m very excited to see what’s the what!! So K is saying that this whole thing is unfair because Granholm is biased and he can’t get a fair hearing. I also find it amusing that he’s not present due to what sounded like me “is in New York on business” but isn’t he required to remain in Michigan until this hearing is over or was it one of his other hearings? So now the judge is reading and talking and basically speaking gibberish! I would like him to start speaking English & say something I want to hear. It seems as though both sides have turned in info showing how others have done similar things & either walked away or been axed so that really serves no purpose. They are talking about fair & just treatment but really it’s the city that needs fair & just treatment, which means that Kwame has to leave. I got a Sunday paper but haven’t had the chance to read it but apparently Kwame was ready to make an offer that would include him leaving office or some such business. Obviously I’ll have to read the article otherwise I’m just talking out my ass.

Ok so basically, the judge said that Granholm is more than welcome to move forward with her hearing (tomorrow) to remove Kwame from office. Kwame’s peeps want to file an appeal while Granholm’s team is obviously against it. Judge said if you want to appeal go ahead but I’m not gonna stay. The judge made a couple jokes about all the paper work he’s been dealing with & he seemed like he was very happy for this issue to move forward & I’m guessing out of his lap…at least for now.
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