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Sep 29, 2008

Premieres Everywhere!!

So last night was a rough night for my TV viewing pleasures. Dexter, Californication, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters all had their season premiere & Entourage was also on as well so I had to watch things while DVRing other things & it was a big pain in the arse! I watched Dexter & Brothers & Sisters & then followed those up with Californication. I still have to watch DH & Entourage when I get home from work today & now that the premiere episodes of everything aired I’ll have to decide whether to watch regular TV or cable on Sundays & I’ll probably go cable so I can ff through the commercials from regular TV on Mondays.
So I think Dexter is gearing up to be a good season, Jimmy Smitts has been added to the cast and he kind of irritates me but he is a decent actor so it shouldn’t be all bad. I can safely say that I don’t like the chick who plays Deb, she has a very annoying way with her mouth when she speaks and she’s too tall & too skinny for her large face. They dress her up on her body but do nothing with her hair & makeup now she did get a haircut which helps some but I think it makes her look less cop-like. I guess my biggest complaint is that she’s not girlie nor is she manly & I think they just need to pick a side for her. At least Rita is hot this season! She’s not all meek and blah anymore, thank God!!
Californication is looking hot for this season, of course! I was a little nervous about how I would take to the new season given the David Duchovny drama but I had no issues, Hank was Hank & I was happy to have him back.
Bros & Sisters was good but I’m getting a little bored with the additional child plot they add every single season. Last season it was Rebecca & this season it’s Ryan & the family just keeps arguing and yes I know that’s how families are and the family is big but seriously, not one thing ever goes down that everyone agrees with. It’s hard to keep track of who is mad at who & what for, maybe there are just too many characters & they keep adding more and I’m just losing touch with the cast I think but I’ll give it a few more eps before I walk away.

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