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Sep 11, 2008

Market This!!

So, all week my office has been doing Office Olympics and all proceeds go to charity. We had 8 events and each team competed in 2 events each day Monday through today. Our team aptly named Market This! is lined up to receive the bronze in tomorrows award ceremony and I am very proud of all of us! Our whole team competed in the paper ream relay & we did pretty bad but the floor was all dusty & i was afraid I was gonna fall, I took gold in the pencil throwing which took place right after the relay & I was pretty damn proud of myself! Other than those 2 events we had paper airplane javelin, basketball toss, bowling, scooter racing, office chair races, and egg tower building. We only had one event that we did really bad on so I have to give props to Kelly, Michelle, and Paul for being such excellent teammates!! Due to the camera not working today we don't have any pics from the egg towers or the bowling but here are some highlights for you from the other events!!

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