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Sep 29, 2008

Green Means Go!!

My complaint about driving this time of year here in lovely Michigan is my morning commute to work, the sun is blazing in my eyes the whole way & it’s extremely irritating. What’s more irritating is I’m not the only one so when I’m sitting at the lights at Middlebelt & 10 & Lahser & 10 the left turn light goes green before the traffic light turns green. Luckily I don’t turn left at Middlebelt so it’s not annoying to me but I see it happening to others, and it does happen to me at Lahser. Here’s the thing, I’ll be in the left turn lane & the person in front of me is being blinded by the sun therefore not seeing that little arrow turn green, so I honk & they don’t move because they probably think I’m just a jerk. After that the both way light turns green while the arrow is blinking yellow & guess what? The car in front of me will get to go at the very end of the light and then I have to wait for everything to happen the other way. I’ve been late to work the last 3 days because the jack ass in front of me isn’t paying attention, I mean come on, you drive this route everyday so you should know the process for the lights by now so get your head out of your ass & go when that arrow turns green!!!
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