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Sep 29, 2008

Montage of Thoughts on Canada, eh

So, as you all know I was recently in Toronto and there were quite a few things about the area that I loved & think our country should adopt as well so I thought I’d share. First of all can I just say how clean it was there, yes I did see quite a bit of homeless folks sleeping in parks or on the street & they were dirty but I did not see trash on the sidewalk or the streets. Now I don’t know if the whole country is similar to Toronto or not but almost every corner has not only a trash can but the trash can is also a recycling bin. There was a slot for trash, one for plastic & one for paper and when it’s that easy why not recycle? Our hotel room also had a recycling bin in the bathroom under the sink & can I just say that we used it, a lot so thanks to the Holiday Inn Express for being so responsible! One thing I hate about Canada is the prices of everything…a Bud Light in a bottle should not cost 8 dollars, and a burger & fries should not cost $10, and the starting rate for a cab should definitely not be $4…it was a bit ridiculous & they have way too many added taxes as well, for instance you eat your $10 burger and then have to pay like 3 taxes on top of it & it ends up costing you $12.50…for meat & bread! The weirdest thing to me was the McDonald's $1.39 menu instead of 99 cents...it just doesn't roll off the tongue as well does it?

Now when we got to Windsor while it was super clean as well I didn’t notice any recycling bins but we didn’t do any walking around, we only went to the train station and then stopped to take pics too. I can say however that the city reeked like dog food! It was such a nasty ass smell & while some of us said it was probably the smell of the “D” creeping across the river when we got to the D it didn’t smell so who knows but there is no way I could live somewhere that smelled like that so I hope it was just a fluke & it doesn’t always smell like that! I guess, if McCain wins the election I’ll just have to move to Toronto & not Windsor.

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Megan Petersen said...

toronto is by far one of my favorite places on this earth. and i would gladly pay higher taxes on everything if everyone in our country got health care.

Kel said...

Oh hell yes, I totally agree with that one! If it weren't colder there than here I would have applied for a transfer back in August :)