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Sep 12, 2008

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Ok I have to bitch about a couple things right now.

I don’t know if you deal with this or not but how annoying is it listening to people talk low or whisper at work? I sit in my cube and all I can hear is psss pss pss pssss pss pss buzz a buzz pss psss psss and it’s annoying. If you don’t want people to hear you then email or write it down because it drives others crazy to hear you just so you know.

I would like to bitch about my “friends” who seem to forget to tell me things. I shouldn’t have to call upon other friends to find what is going on with you. When I talk to friend A & they tell me that friend B has her asshole boyfriend living with her & then I talk to friend B and she says nothing about it that’s a problem. When I talk to friend C and they tell me that friend A moved, yet I talk to friend A and they don’t mention it, that’s a problem. When I talk to friend D and they tell me that friend F is getting married and I talk to friend F and it isn’t mentioned that’s the beginning of a battle. Let me tell you a story about friend F, we’ll call him George. George and myself have been friends for about 10 years I’d say or at least damn close to that. We have been very close over the years and been through a lot of ups and downs together. He had some major relationship issues with another mutual friend (friend B actually) and all hell broke loose and I was the one he came to, I was there to help him pick up his pieces via email, face time, phone calls…the whole 9. So after he recovered from this trauma he met someone else and they started dating & at first she was really nice, totally cool and then one day I get a voicemail that uses up my entire message box and it is a message of girlfriend (we’ll call her Cybil) going off on George asking where he was & why he didn’t answer his phone & who was he with. This was pretty early on in the relationship so I kind of assumed he’d be walking away after that but nope he just apologized for the message & that was that. George is not the type of man I would want for a husband, he likes to wander/stray at times or at least he did in the past and I’m a firm believer that people don’t change.

So anyway, George & I remained good friends for years although he lived out of the country for a bit for work & traveled a lot with Cybil who by the way moved in to his house while he was out of the country forcing his roommate at the time out of the house (what a bitch). Years go by of hanging out here & there when time permitted but Cybil was never in attendance. Actually I had not seen Cybil since 1/1/05 & on a fluke we were all out for dinner one night about a year ago & ran into George & Cybil & she said nothing to anyone & she actually hid behind George while he talked to all of us. Strange? Yes! So a few months back I hear from a friend that he heard from another friend that George was getting married so I called him out on it & he said yes he was. A couple weeks ago I get a text from another friend asking if I got my invite, which I had not. Over the last couple weeks this has been a big dramatic event waiting for the invite, which I finally received yesterday…via email, very simple “BTW- did you want to come to my wedding?” no joke, that was the format! Now there was far more drama involved over the last couple weeks than I just told you but George sent me the link for their wedding site & I read their story & it says that they got engaged in September 2007…are you effing joking?!?! Some “friend”, he was engaged for a year & every time I said “what’s new, how’s Cybil” he always said, oh not much & she’s well, can’t really complain. I also find it odd that he made sure he told me that his grandma was getting married, but not himself, who does that?! So, the wedding is in like 3 weeks…do I wear white or red? I am definitely going just so I can find out what all the secrecy was for & due to such short notice I’m not going to be able to give them a gift. Awww, bummer!

On a totally unrelated note, Kate Hudson please cut your sons hair or at least brush it, thanks!!

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