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Sep 2, 2008

Damn Republicans

Being a Liberal gal I find this amusing: The fact that the Republican National Convention was designated a “national security event” which means the secret service are responsible for the planning and implementing of security but unfortunately the local cops still had to deal with the “street crimes” and they were plentiful. Close to 300 people were arrested and almost half are facing felony charges…funny, how many people were arrested at the Dems convention? Did I type that out loud? Ooops. So St. Paul got $50 Mill in grant money to pay for additional security & they said it would cost $34 million to pay 3,500 officers & the rest would go to their training. So you are telling me that someone who is being “hired” for added security is going to get paid $19,000…for a few days of work? My dad was a cop & trust me, they don’t make $19K a week so why should these temps? They also had the help of FBI, FPS, Customs, Coast Guard & TSA…for Christ sakes, talk about too many people soaking up double time working the holiday!! I’m sure there was added security at the Dems convention as well but obviously it wasn’t really needed. This is going to be a crazy campaign & I’ve been sick of it for months already so I can’t wait until the actual election & if McLame wins I’m taking a transfer to Canada!
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