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Sep 23, 2008

Illin After New Kids

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted lately, I was in Toronto over the weekend checking out New Kids at the Air Canada Centre. We got back last night & today I woke up with tonsillitis so I hit up the local urgent care & got me some drugs so now I'm laying low at home recuperating. The concert was freaking sweet so we bought tickets to see them in the D as well. When they hit the stage I started screaming like a 12 year old again, it surprised me when I felt that rush just like I did 15 years ago. It was kind of surreal to see them again & they all look so good, but I did find it odd that Jon didn't say a single word during the show I mean he sang & performed but he never did anything on his own like the other guys did. Well at one point he did video of the crowd but that was it. Anyway, if you were ever a new kids fan I highly recommend checking them out again, I can't wait until the end of the month to see them again!!
photo is from our show & courtesy of nkotb.com
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