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Aug 31, 2008

Catch Up

So sorry I haven't been on here lately, I've been busy doing other things so I figured I'd do a quick catch up of why I've been missing & then get back to missing. Let's see, Thursday night me & Kara went to Huey Lewis & the News & it was awesome. We hung out with Lyz & Larry & their friend Braddon as well as Michelle & Tony, and Kara heard from a friend of hers who used to be a groupie that Huey Lewis is hung like a bear...who would have thought?

Friday I was hungover as all get out & spent the majority of the day spewing red white & blue. Once I was feeling better I pulled myself together & watched some TV...very adventurous I know!

Saturday I cleaned my apartment top to bottom to prepare for my parents arrival today. Once I got all of my cleaning done I rolled into Dearborn and hung out at Howell's with Leslie where we ran into Justin and his posse & NSG Dan & his posse of the evening. Rude jokes were told, we got into a debate with some interesting characters & then called it a night.

Today I've lounged, had keys made, did some Aco shopping (the place is so addictive), and hit up the Dearborn Farm Market which I love & miss now that I live in Farmington Hills...there is no homegrown cheapy farm market by me & that sucks. I got 2 weeks worth of fruit & veggies, some fresh basil & a newspaper for $15. Oh yeah, at Aco I also grabbed a couple of the famed Aco cart girl hot dogs...best in Dearborn & they totally hit the spot!!

I'm gonna go back to watching 90210 with my cat Libby & await my parents arrival!! Have a safe & happy Labor Day & I'll be back on Tuesday!!
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