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Oct 16, 2008

Another Split!

So according to the always right Access Hollywood David Duchovny finally got out of rehab & his wife Tea Leoni left his ass. Apparently they have been split up for a few months but didn't want to tell the kids until they absolutely had to. At least they got 11 years under their belt first & had 2 kids (daughter Madelaine West, 9 and son Kyd, 6) & they seem to still be happy with the family aspect and I'm guessing they don't "hate" each other as they were seen last week lunching in Manhattan & chatting it up like 2 friends. Even couples in turmoil still need to eat though!

(2:15) Just got some follow up on this...Apparently Tea was having an affair with...of all people...Billy Bob Thornton, sick, gross, ick! David found texts in her phone (didn't anyone learn after the Kwame debacle) between the 2 of them & she's been seen acting as a roadie too helping his band lug equipment. David is the one who left, not her, Are you kidding me? WTF is that all about!!
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