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Oct 21, 2008

Johniston - Seriously?

So today's rumor is that Jen went back to douche face because she's pregs with his offspring. If that is true God help us all, that man should not procreate! I know she really wants a family & all but John Mayer is not exactly who I would think of when it came time to get knocked up. I hope this really is a rumor because we all make poor choices when we need to get a little, the only difference is (in my case anyway) we don't have their babies!!! We generally over protect ourselves to make sure that we do not create anything that may have some "Mr. right now's" dna! I just don't think that anyone would bare back it with someone who has been with Jessica Simpson, do you? I mean seriously, she waited until marriage to have sex so you can guarantee that as soon as her & Nick split she screwed everybody!!!
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