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Oct 1, 2008

Fricken Pumper!

So yesterday after work I stopped & grabbed a sub & then popped over to the gas station to throw a few bucks in the tank. When I pull in the right side of pumps is full so I go to pull around and see a dude in a pickup truck pumping gas, this son of a bitch is blocking both pumps! His gas tank is right at the beginning of the bed of the truck and the front of his truck is blocking pump #1 and the bed is blocking pump #2, which is the pump he is using, therefore he has that hose stretched pretty damn far to get to the tank door. He could have easily backed up to allow someone to use pump #1 & make it easier on himself but did he? No the bastard did not! He stood there filling up his tank & yapping on his cell phone (which I secretly hoped would cause a shock & his truck would blow up teaching him a very important lesson) while myself & another car were waiting to access the pumps. The other car had an advantage though, they had accessed the pumps via the other driveway so they backed up bumper to bumper with the pick-up & waited until he pulled out (forward toward me). I’ve done the illustration you see here via powerpoint to attempt to get the point across. I know you have all been in these situations but this seems to be happening to me more & more lately & this gas station I go to is already small & cramped with only 4 pumps & nowhere to do the “loop around” to pump on the other side. Finally someone on the other side left & I was able to do the 3 point turn around & back in on the, meanwhile giving the bastard a dirty look! Basically I just ask you all to not be assholes & leave room for other pumpers at the station!
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