"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Oct 7, 2008


Does anyone else dislike Holly Montag as much as I do? I'm really not sure which of those 2 I dislike more. Holly is just trying to get Lauren & Holly back together in an attempt to get Spencer out of the picture. Personally I think Holly is being very selfish, and while yes Heidi is stupid to stay with Spencer it's her stupid choice to make & if Holly doesn't like it then maybe she should just find somewhere to live & stop screwing with them herself. Sooner or later Heidi will realize what a cock face Spencer & his flesh colored beard are and then she'll leave him, until then just let it go. My big issue with Holly is her face...it's too big for her head & her teeth annoy me as do her makeup application skills & hair. Now, I'm no super model but I'm not on TV either!! Girl needs a makeover in a bad way but honestly I think just letting go of the mom hair would be a great start. For some reason she reminds me of my friend Sandi, but Sandi dresses better.

So, the letter...did anyone think it would actually work? As if! The best part is how Heidi acts like the letter wasn't an attempt to get Lauren back when clearly that was the whole point! What killed me was the hold Spencer had over her when he came out & asked whey they were talking about her & Heidi actually started explaining herself & making excuses. Bottom line, she's just keeps asking to be treated like dirt therefore that's what she gets.

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