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Oct 2, 2008

Lying Like a Dog

So starting yesterday I am house/pet sitting for my friends Todd & Melissa until Saturday afternoon. They have 2 dogs Caesar who is a Visla and Elsa who is a German Shorthair and they are both very sweet dogs. They also have 2 cats Morrie who is orange & longer haired & Chloe who is black and short haired. The cats get along with Caesar but not Elsa...Elsa is a newer addition to the family and she doesn't attack the cats or anything but she likes to corner them & stare at them which they don't really care for. Caesar on the other hand adjusted to the cats when they first moved in because he was still a puppy & didn't know any better but it did take the cats a while to get used to him. So anyway, the dogs were crazy for about an hour after I got there but once I got all settled in they calmed down & passed out on the couch. Well, it finally came time to go to bed & since Todd & Melissa work opposite shifts the dogs sleep with whomever is sleeping in their bed. I assume Todd usually gets to sleep all alone because he's on midnights and Melissa sleeps with the dogs every night. Back when they only had Caesar I had issues sleeping with him because once he is settled he's not moving & I always had to work around the dog & if it were my house the dog would be asleep on the floor in his own bed but it's not my dog or my house so I have to adjust. You know, I have no idea what they do if they are both home & sleeping at the same time because after last night I can't imagine even adding a cat to that mess!
So, as you can see by my illustration I had a rough night of sleep...I barely got any. Things were fine at first, Elsa laid down on my feet & Caesar at the bottom & other side of the bed. So as I start drifting away Todd sends me a text from Vegas waking me up & making me realize I had to pee so I get up and hit the potty. I come back in the bedroom & Caesar took my spot! I crawled back in bed and was calling him names & yelling & he just looked at me like I was crazy. So after various attempts to get cozy I finally just moved to the other side of the bed & got as cozy as I could with the smell of Caesar's feet in my face & his skull in my back. That lasted about 10 minutes then I fell asleep...when my alarm went off like 4 hours later I was pissed & tired but the alarm scared the dogs & they both got up, it was not until this time that I finally got comfortable and I had to get up 20 minutes later!
Luckily they are paying me otherwise I'd be sneaking out & sleeping somewhere else because sleeping wtih those beasts is not a good time. I think tonight I may lock them out, get cozy & then let them in...hopefully that will work but luckily there are only 2 more nights!!

The nice part about staying there though is that at least I have someone/thing to talk to so I don't have to chat with myself!!
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Lisa said...

we usually end up in a position similar to #4. Mike and Max have gotten into a battle of wills many times over who has the right of way in the bed. Somehow that 20lb dog ends up taking up about 75% of a king size bed, with Mike and I crammed into the remaining 25%. Honestly, what gives these dogs the right?

Megan Petersen said...

sorry lisa, i totally agree with kelly that the dog belongs in his own comfy bed on the floor! the bed is MINE (oh, and rob's)